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You acknowledge that Dr G K Gyan is the owner/ proprietor of the domain name “homeo2u.com” and websitehomeo2u, (hereinafter referred to as, the website). You also absolve professionals engaged /contracted by Dr G K Gyan who offer services through the website from any responsibility or liability whatsoever, for any medical, legal or financial events or outcomes related to services attained by you through the use of online consultations or any form of communication. you also understand and use the website accepting that it is being provided on an as-is basis.

The website is not intended to be used to:

Treat or give a diagnosis of a medical emergency or medical condition.

Advise or resolve legal, medical or financial issues outside the scope of what has been agreed or provided.

Information or advice provided on the website by professionals should be used merely as a guide rather than a definitive recommendation to adopt any specific action or treatment. Nothing transmitted to or from this website constitutes the establishment of a doctor-patient relationship between you and any professional providing information or advice through the site. The site is not intended to diagnose a medical condition

For all consultations including medical consultations in particular, before acting on any of the advice offered in/through the site, You should confirm that such action is applicable and suitable to me, by referring to your own medical practitioner or by obtaining a second and third opinion of other medical practitioners. The limitations associated with consultations or other services exclusive of physical examination, in-person legal advice or onsite and extensive investigations are hereby accepted and agreed to by you.